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Shogran, one of the most beautiful plateaus in the valley, is situated 34 kilometers from Balakot via Kawai. To reach this quaint place, take a side road on the right after passing through Kawai. From here it is a steep 7 kilometers to Shogran. The road is metalled and normal cars and vans can make the drive. Surrounded by thick pine forests and with an altitude of 7747 feet, the summer climate of Shogran is very mild and pleasant. One of the nicer places to visit is Shogran’s Forest Rest House. From the rolling grassy lawns of the rest house, one can become immersed. Breathtaking panoramic views of snow covered mountains. Kaghan Valley’s highest peaks, such as Musa Ka Musalla (4419 m), Makra (3885 m) and Malika Parbat (5290 m), are visible from here. For those wishing to stay the night or have a meal, there are a number of small and medium size hotels in Shogran. For more information on hotels please consult list of hotels.


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