At about 3000 feet above the Naran or 10,578 feet above the sea level is Fairy Tale Lake Saiful Maluk. Lake Saiful Muluk is one of the highest and most beautiful lakes in Pakistan.
This lake is easily accessible by jeep or by trekking from the nearest village Naran, some 10 kilometers away in four to five hours. There is a huge glacier on the way, crossing its also fun. The whole path is very beautiful and its recommended that you walk to it. In this way you will get to appreciate the captivating beauty on the way



The water of this lake is over a mile in diameter, this oval shaped lake is spectacularly clear with a slight green tone. The clarity of the water comes from the multiple glaciers all around the high basin feeding the lake.

The Queen of the Mountains “Malka Parbat” at height of 17,360 feet (5291.33 meters) is standing in the east and looking her image in the mirror of Lake Saiful Maluk.

Boating facility is available but not recommended at all because this lake is so deep that so far its depth could not be measured. There is no emergency equipment availale so don’t take the risk! Horses are also available for one to take a tour around the lake.
In a real sunny day, it would give you superb views and you would feel sitting in heaven. Camping on full moon gives you feeling of sitting in fairyland. There are few camping sites available. You are strongly recommended to camp here beacuse Saiful-Maluk really deserves it. There are small huts and shops near lake selling items you may need.
It is suggested that take meals along with you and go to lake in morning. You should spend good time there and have meals along the lake.
It is almost impossible to describe the beauty of this lake. You can spend few hours here to monitor the guards of lake, which are towering peaks and spread all around the lake.


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