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The Ansoo lake is panoramic & beautiful. It is near Malika Parbat in the Himalayan range. The name “Ansoo” comes from its tear-like shape (the Urdu word Ansoo means teardrop). The lake is said to have been discovered in 1993 by Pakistan Air Force pilots who were flying low above the area. Earlier, the lake was not even known to the locals.



It can be reached by a difficult trek from Saiful Mulook Lake. Another trek to reach Ansoo Lake is from Mahandri, which is 40 km below Naran, but this is a less trod route and the difficulties are unknown. From lake saif-ul-malook towards Lake Ansoo it takes about 4 hrs to reach a peak at 14000 feet, from where Lake Ansoo is visible. Horses can also be hired from the Lake Saif ul Muluk along with a guide person who will take you to Ansoo Lake. It is a very tough track, the path is very dangerous and very short, the hourse is fit on it and no space for any other to ride with horse. You have to cross a number of Glaciers and only have few minutes to take the snap of Lake Ansoo, then it all covers with thick fog. But the view of lake is very marvelous, beautiful and impressing. Nature lovers should observe it and prais the nature.

You cannot touch the water of the lake because most of its water is freezed. This is the of glacier but in summer the ice melts. The best season is from may to july then you can see the ice coverd lake.

You have just 30 to 45 minutes to take snaps and leave the lake. but you really enjoy the trip to ansoo lake specially hourse riding and adventure, if you love adventures. If any one wants to go there please make sure you have the medicines of pain and some meal for eat and drink. In order to visit this lake one has to hike, trekk and camp. Security guard as well as tourist guide are required to visit these lakes because they are in for off deserted and dangerous areas.

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