Khanian: Just a little distance from Mahanderi is the Khanian. Khanian is a small but attractive, peaceful village on the right bank of the Kunhar. It is the starting point for a trip to Kamal Ban Forest and Danna Meadows. Danna Meadows: A ten kilometer jeep track winds up the hillside to picturesque Dana Meadows which are located at an altitude of 10,000 feet with a view of a number of snow covered peaks over 15,000 feet. It takes an hour to reach here by jeep (as this trek was also destroyed by the earth quake so dana is no more Jeepable), and about three hours on foot. On foot u cant make it back in one day as its a steep climb.So a over night stay is must at Danna. More over the place is so much beautiful. Take some food stuff, warm clothes, sleeping bags along. If you want to see the real stunning beauty of Danna visit it between 15 June to 15 August. The place is absolutely safe from bandits even in a Jungle. For camping its also ideal in summer but in current days fear of leopard/bear can not be ignored.