Shogran: The main place here to visit is Shogran, which is 5 miles jeep able trek from Kiwai, and further 5 miles you’ll go up another 3000 feet. Now you are 7000 feet above the sea level and rightly so because Shogran means “Forest in the sky”. You’ll be able to view the some of the lofty peaks from here, which are ” Moosa Ka Musalla ” and ” Makra “having height of 14000 feet, and Malika-e-Parbat (Queen of the Mountains) (17000 feet). Siri and Paya: From Shogran, a steep climb through dense forest of fir and pine brings you to a plateau of great scenic beauty of Siri and Paya. Sri and Paya are one of the most beautiful places. Siri and Paya is a plateua above the hill station of Shogran. At Paya there is a very small lake, and further up at Siri is the plateau. From Shogran there are many jeep and hiking treks lead you to the wonderful meadows of Siri and Paya. The road going up towards Siri and then Paya is very adventurious but very dangerous. On your left is the lofty razor sharp rocks and on your right thousand of feet down will be Shoran which you just left behind..So prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure. Hike is also possible from Shogran but its gonna take you two n half hours. Keep in mind its very tough hike. You can also camp at Paya if you are in group with having all necessary equipment n stuff. Once you reach Paya the discomfort of the journey is forgotten. Paya is one of the most beautiful places. It is at an altitude of 11,200 feet (3413.76 m) above sea level. You would feel your self out of this world once you reach at Paya. The feeling is like if you are on a fairy land. Most of people just sit at resturants at top but it is strongly recommended that you not to do that because for real beauty of this spot you would need to hike a bit more. Then you can view the beautiful lake and lush green meadows. A trip to Paya is journey of life time, most beautiful and amaizing! Just after five minutes of ride on your jeep you would find yourself at a really lovely place named Sri. There is small green colored forest rest house in Sri where you can sit and view this amaizing place. Mostly this place is covered with thick clouds but the view is simply awesome and out of this world. Here in Siri and Paya you would find yourself surrounded by a spectacular view of lush green meadows. The views are breathtaking. On the grassy plains of Siri and Paya one can experience the grandeur of Musa-ka MassalaPeak (4,267m), Malka Parbat 17,156 feet (5,229 m), Makra Peak 15,030 feet (4,581 m). One can also hike all the way to Mt. Makra (1 day hike). You will see there some huts of herdmen with their herds. You must visit this place to witness the natural beauty ok Kaghan valley. Best time to visit is early in the morning, as during peak tourist season, the place will become jam packed with visitors.